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Our story begins in the summer 2016 to begin this year .

Taoyuan City , located in a small town in southern China. Winding entrance of the campus accompanied by ringing cheers rang, a student in the summer of the longest bombing pleases without fear of every graduate . But the college entrance examination is described as some people are happy others are sad.  Since they passed the examinations, they are bound to get the job and ultimately, cannon fodder. But this time get the job in the list , there was a three man’s name. Since then, their fate will intersect with woven together.

Li Yuntian – Male, 19 years old

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Height ordinary , looks ordinary , perhaps all the plum sky with adjectives to describe it is already very superfluous thing. From small to large , Li sky mantra is “Whatever , all right , I do not know ah .” Live in a traditional family, Lee sky indifference and his father had a strong contrast , making the parent-child relationship is quite strained . After the entrance exam , Lee ‘s father is furious sky , Lee decided to cut off the source of all the sky , let him fend for themselves. But I never thought in a few days after the exam , Li sky actually receive admission notice from the American College of mystery , inviting him to embark on a new journey .

Mu Siqi – Female, 18 years old

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From small to large , from head to toe as Mu Siqi is fake bag – the ” tip of people .” Never forget her ability to make her examination of all sizes are among the best . ” Curtain ” Home is the only daughter of fallen in love with this , be Zhongwang . Innate superiority makes her peers , always seems out of place . But what is unexpected is Mu Siqi, actually the entrance exam ! Burdened with the family’s honor , self- dignity , but did not even reach the undergraduate line . Two grades is actually zero ! Mu Siqi can not accept this reality , she decided to escape , she could not face her parents . As she was about to open the door to the house , when a letter dropped on the door in front of her – admission notice .

Luke – Male, 18 years old

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Luke , Taoyuan city rebellious teenager, a loyal American hip hop culture lovers . Parents are the town’s private entrepreneurs , wealthy family conditions , but parents are rushing to work . Luke removed small side street , a house on fire with a bunch of young people in society . Three schools were discouraging Luke , but each appeared to be expelled into the principal’s office, related to the same people come out all right , but the president has always more like him , really confusing . But for Luke ‘s get the job , I believe Taoyuan city that no one will feel strangely , but Luke has also received a letter from the same college.

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Sky Culture Entertainment 2017 Production

Casting Characters: Li Yuntian, Mu Siqi, Luke

Casting Info: 9/3/16 10am-5pm

Casting Location: 6900 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Hollywood Casting and Film

For any questions, please visit Contact Us page.

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